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Even if you do not live in Franklin County, you can be arrested in Franklin County if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest from another county.If you are stopped in Franklin County for any reason, the officer may conduct a warrant search and, if an active warrant is found, the officer will detain you until a hearing can be held.If you suspect that an arrest warrant has been issued in Franklin County, you can conduct your own warrant search by contacting the court or the Sheriff's Department.

Franklin County does not maintain an online search engine for arrest warrants issued by judges within the county. Therefore, you must contact the courts directly to find out if an arrest warrant has been issued.Judges for the Supreme Court and the County Court issue arrest warrants; therefore, you will want to search the court records for both courts to make sure you find any outstanding warrants.Fortunately, the Clerk of Court's Office maintains the criminal case files for both courts so one visit takes care of both courts.The County Clerk is located at 355 West Main Street, Suite 248 in Malone, NY 12953 (telephone: 518-481-1681).They can assist you with searching court records and finding any active criminal cases.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office located at 45 Bare Hill Road, Malone, NY 12953 (telephone: 518-483-3304) is the best place search for outstanding warrants.In addition to helping you with your warrant search, the Sheriff's Office can provide copies of arrest records and assist with criminal history reports.

Franklin County, NY crime data

Between 1999 and 2008, overall crime rates in Franklin County fell by five percent while the rate of violent crimes fell by over one hundred percent.Of the more than 450 crimes reported each year, almost one-half of them happen less than a mile from the victim's residence.The majority of crimes reported during this period were related to theft with only two murders occurring in the county.

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