About Me

The landscape of private investigation and skip tracing has undergone a metamorphosis since I took up my first case in 1990. Back then, most cases I did were for local law enforcement agencies that were finding it hard to trace an absconder.

 Of course, till date, such cases do form a large percentage of the work I handle, but they are far from being the only type of skip tracing assignments that are thrown my way. For example, today I also see a significant number of individuals who want to know about their genetic lineage and are seeking information about hereditary ailments. For this, they need to know not only about their relatives but also their distant relatives, whether living or dead.

Similarly, more and more realtors are coming forth with assignments that involve finding past home owners. Likewise, auto repossession agents are sending cases to me wherein I am expected to find auto loan defaulters.

Lawyers too form a large part of my client base now. Mostly, my work with probate attorneys revolves around finding legal heirs and for family attorneys, I find divorce settlement defaulters. Additionally, I also handle the simpler cases that involve finding friends, relatives, business partners and others.

The process of collecting information on an individual starts with a search of law enforcement and other databases. Some of these offer intra state information while others provide interstate details. Among the several databases that I access is TLO. After the preliminary information is found, I go to the next step of confirming that the details found are valid. This is a fool proof process since it has an in-built verification step that eliminates the risk of wrong or old information.

In fact, it is the reliability of the information I offer on the subjects that has kept me in business for this long. I work for clients from Texas, Florida and Arizona but have also handled cases for Canadian companies. Similarly, I take on cases for the Unclaimed Person’s Network, which works at the national level.

Download this report to know how I can find a person for you: How to find any public records