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How to find New York prison inmate information

Before initiating your search for New York inmate information, you have to be sure of whether you are looking for someone in the state prison or someone detained in a county jail. If you are trying to get information on New York state prison inmates, you can use the New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s Inmate Population Information Search tool. You can visit this link to find this tool: You will be asked to complete a form with information such as first and last name, middle initial, name suffix (such as JR or SR), year of birth and department ID number or New York State ID Number. The department ID number and the New York State ID numbers should be used alone, not along with the name or the birth year of the inmate.

This database shall display a list of all of the offenders and felons who are currently being detained in state prisons since 1970. However, some previously detained non-violent offenders covered by special provisions codified in Correction Law 9 will not be found here. Additionally, you should also note that all of the convictions, sentences and other related data you will find here are considered as public information, as per the Freedom of Information Law. Some exceptions do exist, such as the information regarding young offenders and their records, which are to be made confidential under Criminal Procedure Law 720.35. Moreover, if you are a company manager looking to hire a person who was incarcerated for a felony, according to the Correction Law 752 and Executive Law 296, you are not allowed to discriminate against these people. Refusing to hire or refusing a license because of a past criminal conviction is prohibited. Exceptions do exist, and these exceptions are as per the following scenarios:

  • if there is a direct connection between the previous criminal offense and the type of license or employment that the individual is seeking;
  • if granting of the employment or the issuance of license would pose a risk to the property or to the safety of individuals around or to the general public.

Also, know that the computerized inmate information is available on a 24/7 basis, except for a 15 minute period at evenings, starting at 11:45pm Eastern time zone. Also the Inmate Lookup is not available between 11:30pm Saturday to 12:30am Sunday (Eastern Time Zone) due to pre-scheduled server maintenance activities.

To find information about inmates in NY county jails, you will need to find a source over the Internet. Official Sheriffs’ web site should be able to provide you with the information you need. You can also call the sheriffs’ office located at the county; the person you are looking for was sentenced in. Knowing where the crime was committed and the location mentioned in the initial police report will also prove to be handy.

How can I use information about New York inmates?

The information about New York inmates can be used in quite a few ways. Searching for information concerning the people in your past and finding out if they are currently serving time is one idea. Completing background checks for school teachers, babysitters or future employees are additional reasons. Background checks can highlight important pieces of information regarding the people you are dealing with or are about to deal with. This essential information can certainly help you decide the kind of dealings you would like to have with the people around you.

New York Statistical Information about Inmates and Crime

The New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision has an annotated publication list that can be found here This list displays a series of reports that have been prepared by the Department and which are available online in a PDF format.