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Albany County inmate searches were designed to offer information on two types of inquiries.One of them was meant to get information on criminals lodged in state correction centers, including prisons at all security levels as well as rehab facilities and halfway houses. Also, inmate lookups were meant to fetch details on convicts and under trials who were lodged in the county jails.

This system still prevails and anybody who is interested in using the Albany County inmate finder facility offered by state agencies will find two distinct options. The first comes to you courtesy of the New York State Department of Corrections. This can only be used when you want to find a convict holed in a state penitentiary and not an offender, whether convicted or not, who is being currently held in the county detention center.

Offenders who are serving shorter sentences, no more than a few months long (maximum one year) and defendants who are being held because they could not pay bail or were denied release on bond can be found in the jails of Albany County. These facilities are run by the sheriff’s office.

On the other hand, the state correctional network is considerably vaster, comprising of maximum, medium and low security prisons for male and female offenders, juvenile detention facilities, rehabilitation centers and more. The NY DOC has absolute control over the correctional system. So, when you get in touch with them for an Albany County prison inmate search, you will be able to find out about all offenders who meet your search criteria and are lodged in the DOC detention centers.

As opposed to this, when you connect with the police department of your area for an Albany county jail inmate search, you are exclusively getting details on prisoners housed in the detention center of the county. The inmate finder for Albany County offered by the DOC is available at For local jail inquiries, you get two online inmate locator options, you could go to: