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The Kings County clerk of court’s deputies are in charge of maintaining judicial records and as such a representative of the department sits through every court session, whether it is being held to argue a criminal matter or it is a civil dispute. From the time that the police or a litigant files a case, the clerk of court’s office keeps information on the matter.

This trend continues till the bench delivers its verdict. To get access to the court dockets held by the county clerk’s office, you will need to visit them in person or write to them. If you chose to drive down to the department in person, you will be allowed to submit a request for a case search for Kings County, NY. You could also use the public service systems on the premises to browse the court dockets repository.

To visit the clerk of court’s office, you can go to 360 Adams Street, Room 189, Brooklyn, New York 11201. The department, which works out of the Brooklyn Municipal Building, can offer information on both civil and criminal matters. The best part is that you get the details for free as applicants only end up paying for the printouts taken by them.

For conducting the inquiry online, you can use the website at However, only the clerk’s filings are available through this portal. If you want to learn about future appearances, you can use the website on

Court documents from Kings County can be sought from the Supreme Court as well as the Brooklyn Criminal Court. However, case searches that pertain to criminal matters will be forwarded to the OCA at 25 Beaver Street, New York City. You could also call them directly at 212-428-2810. The tribunals are located at the following addresses:
• The Supreme Court: 320 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
• The Criminal Court: 120 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201