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The existence of an outstanding warrant means that a law enforcement officer has not yet executed an active warrant by arresting the person who is being suspected of having committed a crime or an offense. Active NY warrants of arrest can turn into outstanding warrants in a number of ways.

For instance, if the law enforcement officers in a city or county in New York are not able to locate and capture the individual whose name is on the warrant, it will result in an outstanding warrant. The felon might be intentionally hiding, and in some cases he or she might have relocated to a different state. Also, often times the person would not know that he or she is having an arrest warrant under his or her name. Sometimes New York law enforcement staff members are simply too caught up in other crucial warrants that they have to deal with that they are unable to dedicate their time to serve less important warrants. Any of these reasons can increase the number of outstanding warrants in the State of New York.

Outstanding warrants can cause lot of trouble for the one under whose name it has been issued. Wanting to get a new job or even a routine police stop could get you imprisoned. Plus, according to the information provided on the New York City government’s website, the law of this State allows the procedure of “stop, question and possibly frisk”. This criminal procedure is applied to all individuals who are suspected by an officer of the law to have committed a crime. The same goes for suspects who are committing a crime or who are likely to commit a crime sometime in the future. Therefore, avoiding unexpected arrests is the main reason why you should find out if there is an outstanding warrant of arrest on your name in New York.

Prior to a warrant becoming an outstanding one, it is going to be an active warrant issued by a New York judge. The issuance of this active warrant will authorize NY law enforcement officers to immediately arrest the person whose name shows up on the warrant. There are two ways to look for outstanding arrest warrants in New York. Firstly, you can contact the Warrant Section’s Telephone Inquiry Unit of the New York Police Department at 718-217-8484 to check for an outstanding arrest warrant. Initially an operator will ask you a series of questions and your answers will be sent over to an investigator. This investigator will move forward and complete a search with the official records to find out if there is an outstanding warrant in your name.

Secondly, you could go online, check the record and databases you can find or you can check the Sherriff’s website in exchange of a nominal fee.