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The Department of Corrections and is currently led by the Departmental Mission and is responsible for the detention and habilitation of 56,000 offenders in the State of New York. These individuals are held at 60 state facilities, which can be seen listed over here and at the 915 bed Willard Drug Treatment Campus.

The Departmental Mission’s aims to boost public safety in NY; it uses supportive supervision to prevent revert criminal behaviors in the future. The Department continuously offers these individuals the right kind of treatment and services they need to stop there criminal behavior. They also provide the offenders with safe and secure facilities. They also address all the requirements in relation to their release, in order to ease the completion of their sentence. The main goal of the Departmental Mission is to maintain a secure environment for offenders and the prisons’ staff. Offenders are also being taught the critical importance of respect and discipline. Work ethics are also thoroughly explained to the offenders living in the NY State facilities. Career development opportunities for the entire staff that is handling the work inside these facilities and proper training and skill enhancement are also made available.

Offenders also get the opportunity to improve their skills and also undergo special treatments as per their individual requirements. By thoroughly analyzing their abilities and capacities, they are provided with the development opportunities that can help them to become better human beings. Medical and special mental health care services are also used to make offenders’ rehabilitation more effective. By maintaining a proper channel of communication, structure and supervision, the needs and behaviors of offenders can be reshaped by the time their sentence is complete.

The Department is also able to provide offenders with special programs and services. These programs can be successfully used to re-direct the course of there lives and help them to become more productive and law-abiding. These programs include educational and vocational training, substance abuse treatments, anger management programs, parenting skills, domestic violence counseling, special treatments for sex offenders and religious services.

The general goals of these programs are to offer these people a chance to acquire special job skills and acceptable work culture. They will be able to work in a genuine production environment and will be using special operating equipment. They will also need to follow pre-determined production schedules and quality standards. They will learn how to be time efficient and produce quality work. Here is a list of the main program units that are to be found in the State of New York:

  • Correctional Industries
  • Education (Academic)
  • Education (Vocational)
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Division of Hispanic and Cultural Affairs
  • Library Services
  • Ministerial, Family and Volunteer Services
  • Resource Management
  • Special Subjects
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Services
  • Temporary Release
  • Transitional Services Program

Individuals who have not been convicted of more than one felony are eligible for a Certificate of Relief. In this regard, two or several convictions of the same indictment will be counted as a single felony. Also, two or several convictions stemming from two or several separate indictments filled in the same court of law prior to conviction will also be counted as a single felony. The Board of Parole is responsible for issuing a Certificate of Relief to eligible offenders who have been convicted in a different jurisdiction and who are currently living in the State of New York.

A Certificate of Relief may remove any mandatory legal bar or disability imposed as a result of the conviction of crime or crimes specified in the certificate. The Certificate of Relief does not however enable to retain or become eligible for public office. Note that removing mandatory legal bars restores your right to apply and be considered for employment or license, but does not guarantee it will be granted.

A Certificate of Relief issued to you upon release or under parole supervision, is a temporary certificate. This certificate becomes permanent when you are discharged from supervision. While it is temporary, the certificate may be revoked by the Board of Parole.

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