Annoying a Police Officer is a Crime According to a New New York Law

According to a new law in New York State, from June 5 onward, harassing a policeman or showing him disrespect while he is on duty will be considered a crime.
The brainchild of this new law, Senator J.G. Bill, claims that the aim of this law is to safeguard the men and women who risk their lives on the streets and in the roads on a daily basis. The problem, he adds, is that people have lost the sense of respect they used to pay to police officers.
The bill, already passed by the Senate, specifies that if a person harasses a police officer on duty, he may be charged with Class E Felony which means up to 4 years in jail.
As expected, policemen all across the state express their content with the new law. In their eyes, this law emphasizes the support they deserve from the government.