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The police cannot take an alleged perpetrator in custody without an arrest warrant; unless the crime is committed in front of a law enforcement official. The Sheriff’s Department has to follow a specific procedure to procure arrest warrants in Albany County, NY.

The process entails the preparation of an affidavit which contains information about the crime and the alleged criminal’s role in the occurrence along with the evidence gathered up till that point in time. This is presented to a sitting judge at the local criminal court who issues the warrant after ascertaining the sufficiency of the information for the eventual filing of a case against the person for whose arrest the warrant is being sought.

Once signed the documents is deemed to be an Albany County active arrest warrant which confers the right on law enforcement officials to make an arrest. If an active warrant is not used to take a person into custody, it does not expire, but becomes an outstanding arrest warrant. However, the change does not impact the authority that the document grants to the police officials.

An arrest can be made in NY and in any other state if an outstanding warrant is out against an individual. Even in case of traffic violations, the police officer will run the name of the driver’s license holder through a nationwide database of warrant and arrest records and if a an active or outstanding warrant is in place against the person in question, he/she will be arrested.

For a warrant search, the best source of information is the Albany County, New York Sheriff’s Department. You can visit them at their headquarters located in the County Court House, Albany, NY 12207; alternatively, they can also be contacted over phone by dialing 518-487-5440. Another ways to get arrest records related data is to browse through an online database which can be accessed by filling the form given above.

In the ten years that ended in 2008, there was an overall improvement in the crime rate of Albany with a decrease of almost 13%. However, this improvement failed to change the grim statistics of violent crimes which rose from nearly 1000 to over 1200 in this period.
Of the approximately 108,000 crimes reported in the decade, majority were theft and robbery related including carjacking with over 77000 cases while rapes and homicides were at the end of crime spectrum with almost 600 and 90 incidents respectively reported.

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