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An arrest can only be made in Bronx County, NY, after the local criminal court judge’s issuance of an arrest warrant. To procure an arrest warrant, the police have to file an affidavit detailing the crimes committed by the person against whom the warrant is being requested and the evidence available in the case.

An arrest warrant is only issued by the court when sufficient evidence exists to file an accusatory instrument against the individual in question. Once issued, the warrant stays active for an indefinite period till the person against whom the warrant has been issued is arrested.

Suppose an active arrest warrant is issued against a person in a criminal case. In that case, he/she may also be arrested outside the state in which the warrant was issued and then deported to the warrant issuing county. Bronx County Active warrants become outstanding warrants if it is not served. However, arrests can also be made under the provisions of outstanding warrants.

The local Sherriff’s Department is the official source of information on active warrants in Bronx County, New York. The Sheriff’s office is located at 3030 Third Avenue, Bronx, NY 10455 and can also be reached through phone at 718-993-3880. If you intend to seek the information in person, make sure you carry a photo ID along.

You will also need the first and last name of a person to determine if there is an outstanding arrest warrant against him/her. Alternatively, to conduct an online arrest warrant search for Bronx County, NY, fill the form given above to rummage through an online criminal arrest records database.

How do you get Bronx County arrest records and details on active warrants over the phone? (2021- Update)

Law and order services, as well as judicial services for Bronx County, are provided by the New York City Police Department, New York City Sheriff’s Office, and the NYC Criminal Courts. So, you will have to connect with these agencies to find information on Bronx County arrests and warrants. Here are the phone numbers that you should call:

  • For information on recent arrests: Call Central Booking (Bronx Criminal Court Arraignment Division) at (718) 590-2804, (718) 298-0736.
  • For details on active and concluded cases (which would include information on arrest warrants as well): Call the Central Clerks Office at (718) 618-3100.
  • For criminal case records, including an arrest report and criminal history data (Only personal records): Call the Record Review Unit at 518-457-9847, 518-485-7675 for information and an update on a criminal background check request.
  • For seeking arrest records under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL): Get in touch with the New York City Police Department’s Records Access Division at (646) 610-5296.
  • For reporting an inmate health emergency/health condition: Use the phone number of Correctional Health Services 347-774-7000.
  • For reporting sexual harassment or abuse of an inmate: Contact the NYC Department of Corrections at 718-546-1500.
  • For requesting a crime/lost property report: Contact NYPD’s Criminal Records Section at (646) 610-5200.
  • For a certificate of conduct from the NYPD and the agency’s non-criminal fingerprinting services: Call (646) 610-5541.
  • For general inquires: Call NYPD at 646-610-5000.
  • For a status report on a missing person’s investigation: Call the agency at 212-694-7781.
  • For providing a crime tip: Call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.
  • For all non-emergency inquiries request and report filing: Call 3-1-1.
  • For information on arrests and investigation: Contact the police precinct that made the arrest or is handling the investigation (for victims only). Here are the phone numbers of all the precincts in Bronx County, NY:
  • 40th: (718) 402-2270 (General Information), (718) 402-2555 (Detective Squad), (718) 402-3207 (Victim’s Advocate).
  • 41st: (718) 542-4771 (General Information), (718) 542-7113/14 (Detective Squad), (718) 542-4771 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 42nd: (718) 402-3887 (General Information), (718) 402-5393 (Detective Squad), (718) 402-3887 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 43rd: (718) 542-0888 (General Information), (718) 542-5530 (Detective Squad), (718) 542-0888 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 44th: (718)590-5511 (General Information), (718)590-5537 (Detective Squad), (718) 590-5511 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 45th: (718) 822-5411 (General Information), (718) 822-5414 (Detective Squad), (718) 822-5411 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 46th: (718) 220-5211 (General Information), (718) 220-5216 (Detective Squad), (718) 220-5211 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 47th: (718) 920-1211 (General Information), (718) 920-1214 / 1215 (Detective Squad), (718) 920-1211 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 48th: (718) 299-3900 (General Information), (718) 299-4119 (Detective Squad), (718) 299-3900 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 49th: (718) 918-2000 (General Information), (718) 918-2034 (Detective Squad), (718) 918-2000 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 50th: (718) 543-5700 (General Information), (718) 543-6121 (Detective Squad), (718) 543-5700 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 52nd: (718) 220-5811 (General Information), (718) 220-5819 (Detective Squad), (718) 220-5811 (Victim’s Advocate)

Crime Statistics for Bronx County, New York

According to the data released by the Division of Criminal Justice Services, Bronx County had a total annual crime rate of over 36,200 offenses. Of these, more than a third were instances of violent crimes, at 13,130 cases. Property crimes accounted for almost 23,100 complaints.

Aggravated assault and robbery cases had the highest rate in the violent crimes category, with nearly 9000 and 3500 cases filed against these offenses, respectively. Of the property crime reports filed, larceny thefts accounted for more than 18,700 cases.

While the annual crime rate has dropped in Bronx County from over 14000 to just below 8000 between 1998 and 2008, a crime still takes place in the county every 13 minutes. Bronx figures among the four counties of New York with the highest violent crime rate.

Unfortunately, most crimes occur when the victim is barely a mile away from their place of residence. Of the total number of crimes in the city, which stands at 397,800 approximately, thefts, including carjacking, account for the highest percentage at 62%. Sexual and aggravated assaults category comes in second with an estimated 2300 incidents while the last in line are homicides with approximately 1400 cases of murder.

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