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Finding out that an arrest warrant has been issued in your name is a frightening experience for most people. Some may ignore this information, while others may seek an attorney to assist with the arrest warrant’s defense. If you suspect that an arrest warrant may have been issued in your name in Seneca County, you can do a warrant search of the county records to make sure. You will need to visit the county offices in person; however, the court records are available to the public to search.

The County Clerk keeps the records for cases brought before the Supreme Court and the County Court. You will want to begin your warrant search by visiting this office to look for active criminal court cases since most criminal cases begin with a judge issuing an arrest warrant. The office is located at 1 DiPronio Drive, Waterloo, NY 13165 (telephone: 315-539-1771). Staff is not permitted to advise about active warrants or open court cases; however, they will direct you to search public records.

The best resource to search for outstanding warrants is the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. The Records Division helps the public with criminal history backgrounds, searches arrest records, and searches for outstanding warrants. The Sheriff’s Department is located at 6150 State Route 96 in Romulus, NY14541 (telephone number: 315-220-3220). You may be required to sign a release and pay for research and copy fees before obtaining any information on arrest warrants.

Seneca County, NY crime data

Seneca County experienced a 100% increase in crime rates during the ten years between 1999 and 2008. This included a 100% increase in both overall crime rates and violent crime rates. During this period, approximately 2,800 crimes were reported within the county, with about five percent of those being labeled as violent.

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