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When hiring an employee for your home or office, it is imperative to conduct a background check on the individual, including a warrant search. However, before you access the arrest records for Schenectady County, New York, it is crucial to know what an arrest warrant is and how it is issued.

An active arrest warrant is a document issued by the local criminal court in the county; it is an order to the police department to bring the person whose name is listed on the warrant in front of the court to stand trial for crimes committed. While an arrest warrant is needed to take an individual in custody in case of probable cause, a police officer can arrest without a warrant if he/she has reason to believe that a person has committed a felony or is about to do so or has illegal weapons or illicit substances.

Before an arrest warrant is issued, the court is offered a written affidavit, which provides information on the crime, the name and other specifications of the person against whom the warrant is needed, and the evidence, witnesses, etc., available. An active warrant arrest warrant is never issued unless a sitting judge carefully considers all factors.

Only after the facts have been ascertained and found to be enough for the filing of an accusatory instrument in the future will a judge from Schenectady County sign the warrant. Once issued, an arrest warrant does not expire unless the person against whom it has been sought is arrested. However, if not served, it does become an outstanding warrant.

Regardless of how old a warrant is and whether it is active or outstanding, a law enforcement officer can arrest the person against whom it has been issued. To find out if a person you know has an active or outstanding warrant against him/her, visit the local Sheriff’s Office at 320 Veeder Avenue, Schenectady, NY 12307. Information on arrest records can also be sought over the phone by calling the county clerk at 518-388-4300, or you can use the form above for a warrant search.

Schenectady figures in the list of counties with the highest crime rate in the state of New York, and despite the efforts of the Sherriff’s Department to curtail these statistics, there has been a whopping rise of almost 83% in the overall crime rate of the county.

The spike in the number of violent crimes has been genuinely staggering as the figures ballooned from nearly 1000 in 1999 to well over 2000 in 2008. In the decade mentioned, each year, an estimated 3500 crimes were reported. The rate of homicide and sexual assault and battery was the lowest, and theft and robbery were highest, with almost 24,000 cases filed.

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