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For an arrest to be deemed lawful in Saratoga County, New York, it has to be made under the provisions of an arrest warrant; the sole exception to this rule is if the crime has been committed in front of a peace officer. In such a case, the criminal can be taken into custody immediately without waiting for an arrest warrant.

A warrant is also not required to search an individual suspected of carrying illicit substances and illegal firearms. However, in cases where only probable cause exists, an arrest warrant is mandatory. The Sheriff’s Department has to approach the local criminal court to get an arrest warrant against a person.

The procedure for procuring the document in Saratoga County involves submitting a sworn statement that details the crime committed, information about the person against whom the warrant is being requested, and the nature of the evidence collected till that point.

Once the sitting judge is convinced that the evidence available in the matter will be sufficient for the future filing of an accusatory instrument, an active arrest warrant is then issued, which orders law enforcement officials to present the person against whom the warrant is issued in court for an arraignment.

Police officers are authorized to use any form of force that may be required to take the person in custody; however, even if the individual in question surrenders on his/her own, the warrant will still be considered served.

All active warrants that remain un-served become outstanding warrants. The change in the term in no way impacts the authority that the document confers on peace officers. So, in essence, an arrest will be made regardless of how old the warrant is.

To gather information on arrest records in the county, contact the local sheriff’s Department located at 6010 County Farm Road, Ballston Spa, NY 12020. For an internet-based warrant search, fill in the form above, which will give you access to an online database of arrest records across the country.


How do you get information on Saratoga County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To file a non-emergency complaint and to inquire about outstanding warrants, call (518) 885-6761.
  • To find out about recent arrests and inmate visitation, call (518) 885-2480.
  • To learn the procedure for a local criminal background check and arrest records search, call the Records Division at (518) 885–2465 or (518) 885–2467.
  • To request victim’s assistance, call the DA’s Office at (518) 885-2263.
  • To get a certified statement of a criminal conviction and to access judicial records, call the Clerk of Circuit Court at 518-451-8840.


Crime Statistics for Saratoga County, New York

Fewer than 2200 criminal complaints were filed by the Saratoga Sheriff’s Department in 2020, compared to the over 2300 crimes reported in 2018. The figure included 1966 property offenses and 216 crimes against people.

The following types of property crimes were reported: 1643 larceny thefts, 252 burglaries, and 71 motor vehicle thefts. Almost 120 aggravated assaults, 77 rapes, and 17 robberies were among the violent offenses committed.

In 1999, nearly 1000 violent crimes were reported in Saratoga County, NY; however, in the decade that concluded in 2008, the county’s state of crime has markedly deteriorated with an almost 34% increase in the overall number felonies and misdemeanors reported.

However, the bleak statistics come forth when the rate of violent crime is analyzed, ranging from about 1000 to almost 1400 in just ten years. Each year nearly 300 criminal incident reports are made by the police of Saratoga County. In the ten years mentioned above, an estimated 29,000 crimes took place in the area, with 1500 instances of violent crime.

The county’s biggest criminal concern is theft and robbery-related incidents, with almost 23,000 incidents reported. However, violent felonies like rape and homicide were considerably lower on the crime scale, with about 130 and 10 incidents.

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