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A written order issued by a federal or state criminal court to take an individual into custody is known as an arrest warrant. Like the order for arrest issued by the sitting judge of any county in the country, an Ontario County arrest warrant stays in effect till it is served.

The court directive to apprehend the person against whom the warrant has been issued helps police officers to arrest the alleged perpetrator of a crime and present him before the court to face charges. Once taken into custody, the person against whom the warrant was out is taken to court for an arraignment hearing at the earliest. At this point, charges are formally filed against the individual, and he/she has to make a plea.

Of course, this is not the first time that the individual’s role in the crime is discussed in front of a criminal court sitting judge. The judiciary is notified of the crimes committed by an alleged culprit, the evidence against him in the case, and his/her role in the felony while procuring an arrest warrant against him.

The only difference between an active and outstanding warrant is the difference in terminology. The warrant never goes out of effect; the name is merely changed to show that an arrest has not been made in the matter as yet.

Depending on the seriousness of the crime; the active warrant may differ in two ways:

Bail amount: Some active and outstanding warrants from Ontario County, New York, have the bail amount mentioned on them. This makes things simpler for the person taken into custody to secure his/her release merely by paying the bail. However, the court is under no obligation to set the bail amount, and in more severe cases, an arraignment hearing is the only option for a person.

Place where arrest can be made: Although outstanding warrants for a misdemeanor are rarely executed outside the county, for warrants issued to apprehend a person under suspicion of felony, the arrest can be made anywhere country.

The Sheriff’s Department is a reliable source of information on arrest records and can be contacted in person or by phone. Visit the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office located at 3045 County Complex Drive, Canandaigua, New York 14424, during business hours with the person’s name for a warrant search. A simpler alternative is to use the form above for an online arrest records database.

Can you get any information about Ontario County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • For police reports, accident reports, arrest records, and criminal records, get in touch with Ontario County Sheriff’s Administration at (585) 394-4560.
  • For information on recent arrests, dial the phone number of the Ontario County Jail- (585) 396-1800.
  • For information on arrest warrants, call the Civil-Warrants Division at (585) 396-4666.
  • For criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court at (585) 412-5300.
  • For victim’s services and information on orders of protection, contact the Ontario County District Attorney’s Office at 585-396-4010.

Crime Statistics for Ontario County, New York

The Ontario Sheriff’s Office received around 1500 criminal complaints in 2020, which was slightly higher than the 1471 crimes reported in 2019. The figure included almost 1350 criminal misdemeanors and around 170 felonies.

There were 1.115 larceny thefts, 187 burglaries, and 43 car thefts in the category of misdemeanor crimes. There were 81 aggravated assaults, 73 rapes, and 12 robberies among the reported felonies.

From 1999 to 2008, nearly 1100 crimes were reported in Ontario County every year, which brings the decade-long criminal activity figure to almost 11,000 cases. When scrutinized further, it was found that the majority of the incident reports were about robbery and theft, with over 8000 cases. At the same time, rape and murders were comparatively rare, with 80 and 10 incidents.

The violent crime rate increased by over 40% to reach 700 from the reported figure of 500 in 1999. This was seen as an impact of the increase in the overall crime rate by over 50%. Overall, the crime scenario in Ontario County is worsening, and if not curbed, it could quickly rise above the 4000 marks by 2012.

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