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When conducting an arrest warrant search in Hamilton County, NY, it is crucial to bear in mind that finding an active warrant in a person’s name does not mean that he is a felon. Also, prior arrest records do not mean that the offender is still leading a life of crime.

Yet, it would be safe to suggest that launching an inquiry into the arrest warrants in the name of the people you know is one way to weed out inappropriate acquaintances and business associates. To find active warrants and arrest records from Hamilton County, you can go to more than one state department.

The police, the clerk of court, and the magistrate are involved in issuing arrest warrants somehow. For example, the petition for the active warrant is filed in court by the police because deputies of the sheriff investigate all criminal occurrences, so they are the only officials who have information about such acts.

The sitting judge is responsible for ensuring that the proof presented against the suspect does stand the test of reason and that it is enough to show guilt. The office of the county clerk works as the official records keeper of the state judiciary. Hence they keep court dockets about the case. So, to find information on a criminal matter, including Hamilton County outstanding warrants for arrests, you can go to any of these agencies they work out of:

  • The police: 102 County View Drive, PO Box 210, Lake Pleasant, New York 12108
  • The judiciary: 79 White Birch Ln, Indian Lake, NY 12842
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 204 Route 8, Lake Pleasant, New York 12108

With less than 20 crimes reported every year, Hamilton County is possibly the area with the lowest crime rates in the state of New York. However, at least in terms of violent crime, this situation may change for the worse given the near doubling of this crime category’s incident rates.

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