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For an arrest to be deemed legal by the court of law, it has to be made under the provisions of an arrest warrant in cases where the crime did not occur in a police officer’s presence. The warrant has to be served by the arresting officer to the individual before he/she is taken into custody.

The warrant procurement procedure is relatively straightforward, yet it does consider the person’s rights against whom the arrest warrant is being sought. The request for Richmond County, NY arrest warrants are only entertained by the local criminal court after an affidavit is submitted by the police department detailing the alleged crimes/crime committed by the individual in question and the evidence available against him/her.

At this point, the judge closely considers the evidence currently available and can charge against the person. If so, the warrant is signed, and it becomes an active arrest warrant, which will then be served before the arrest is made. Richmond County active warrants are issued in two scenarios:

In a criminal matter
If an individual has skipped bail

In either case, the warrant stays in effect till it has been served. However, if the person against whom the warrant has been issued is not arrested, the active warrant becomes an outstanding warrant. The change in terminology does not impact the authority that the document grants to law enforcement agencies, so arrests can also be made with outstanding warrants.

To find out more about Richmond County, New York’s active and outstanding arrest warrants, get in touch with the Sherriff’s Department located at 350 Saint Marks Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301. Alternatively, you could also speak to a representative of the sheriff’s department over the phone by calling on 718-815-8416.

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The total violent crime rates have decreased from over 4000 to below 2000 in Richmond County, NY, starting from 1998 and 2008. Despite the marked reduction, an estimated number of 13,500 crimes is reported each year, while most of these crimes occur when the victim is not more than a stone’s throw away distance from his home/office. Of the total number of crimes reported, the highest incidents were theft and robbery at 86,000, followed by more than 750 sexual assault cases and 500 murders.

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