Arrest warrants and crime rates in Cayuga County, New York

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There are many reasons why someone would want to search for outstanding warrants in Cayuga County – – job application, rental application, etc. You may even be concerned that you have an active warrant and need to know so you can hire an attorney before turning yourself into authorities. Warrant searches can be time consuming and frustrating with so many courts having the authority to issue arrest warrants within a specific jurisdiction. However, these resources are helpful in searching for arrest warrants in Cayuga County.

The Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office sponsors a website that contains a list of all active warrants within the county. The list is updated periodically and is available to the public. The website includes information about active criminal cases, cold cases, the most wanted fugitives and sex offenders residing within the county. This is the best place to begin a warrant search in Cayuga County.

Cayuga County has almost 30 municipalities (a list of websites is on the county’s main website) – – most with its own police force and lower courts. These courts may issue arrest warrants in addition to warrants issued by the county courts. If you know where the crime was committed or where the suspect resides, try contacting the court within that municipality to search for arrest records.

Auburn City Court also has jurisdiction to issue arrest warrants within Cayuga County. You can contact the city court at 315-253-1085 or in person at 157 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021. You also need to check the case records with the Cayuga County Court as it also has jurisdiction in criminal cases within the county.

Crime data for Cayuga County

From 1999 to 2008, crime rates in Cayuga County only increased by about 19% overall but violent crimes increased by over 50%. During 2005, crime rates dropped below 600 but this trend only continued for one more year. During 2007, crime rates rose again to over 1,400 for the year, which is more like the average for most years in Cayuga County. When compared with 10 other counties similar to it, Cayuga County ranked third highest in crime rates per 1,000 people between 1999 and 2008.

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