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Once issued by the magistrate of a criminal court, an arrest warrant acts as a judicial order to arrest and hold the individual in question in jail until such time that a bail hearing can be scheduled. A bail amount is listed on some arrest warrants; in this case, a person can avoid arrest by getting in touch with a bail bondsman. However, if the bail has not been specified, a hearing is the only option.

An arrest warrant can only be granted based on case-related facts provided in writing to the magistrate. The affidavit admitted in court should mention the crime and why the individual in question is being suspected of committing the felony, along with all the evidence gathered in the matter.

Only after ensuring the sufficiency of the information provided will the request for a warrant be upheld by the judiciary. A signed arrest order issued by the St Lawrence County criminal court is an active arrest warrant.

Sometimes a warrant cannot be served because the person against whom it is issued is unaware of it or has fled the county in hopes of avoiding arrest; in this case, the active warrant goes through a name change and is called an outstanding warrant. The difference in terminology does not impact its definition or the powers that it offers the law enforcement agencies in any way.

An arrest can be made at any time of the day or night and from any place once an active or outstanding arrest warrant is out against a person. Usually, cops will visit the house or workplace of the individual in question to apprehend him/her.

The police have to serve the warrant first before making an arrest; however, the legal order does allow them to enter private property to arrest. They may seize anything in plain sight that can be used against the arrested individual.

To find out about active or outstanding warrants issued by the St. Lawrence County, New York criminal court, contact the Sheriff’s Department by visiting their office at 48 Court Street, Canton, NY 13617 or calling on 315-379-2430. The form given above will give you access to an internet database of arrest records, which can also be used for a warrant search.

St. Lawrence witnessed a staggering rise of just about 90% in the overall crime rate; in response, twice as many violent crimes were reported in the area. An estimated 1200 criminal cases are filed in the county each year, making 12,000 criminal incidents from 1999 to 2008. Of the total criminal activity reported, robbery and theft cases took the lead with nearly 9000 cases, while sexual assault and murders trailed behind with just about 80 and 10 reports, respectively.

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