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With an Ulster County, NY arrest warrant, the judiciary commands the police and members of other law enforcement agencies to detain an alleged criminal and bring him before the court. An arrest warrant is only issued when the sitting magistrate of a local criminal court ensures that there is enough evidence to implicate the person against whom the warrant is to be issued.

All information relating to the case including details of the crime committed, probable cause that has led the police to treat the incident as a crime and probable cause that caused detectives to suspect the individual in question have to be presented before the court in the form of a sworn affidavit.

The sitting judge of the Ulster County criminal court then issues a signed order known as an active arrest warrant that authorizes the Sheriff’s Department to arrest, detain and present the person in whose name the warrant has been issued in court.

An outstanding warrant is simply an active warrant that has not been served as yet. It is imperative to understand that unlike bench and search warrants which come with a specific expiry period, arrest warrants stay in the system till such time as an arrest is made. Usually a person, who has an active or outstanding arrest warrant in Ulster County against him, finds out about it when he is involved in some sort of a legal infraction and the police officer runs a background check.

However, if you would like to get arrest record information on an individual you know, contact the Ulster Sheriff’s Department at Ulster County Law Enforcement Facility, 380 Boulevard, and Kingston, New York 12401. If you need to conduct a warrant search and have the name of the person about whom the information is being sought, you can also call the Law enforcement agency at 854-340-3802 for warrant search.

Another way is to search through the warrants is to view the warrants list from the Sheriff’s Department at https://www.nyconnects.ny.gov/providers/ulster-county-sheriffs-department-sofa-ag-412629 or you could fill the form above to search through a similar online database of arrest records across all states.
A scrutiny of the annual crime rates in Ulster County over a ten year period starting in 1999 revealed a worrisome trend. The overall number of criminal activities has increased by almost 35% while the number of violent crimes have spiked from below 2000 to almost 2700.

Every year nearly 3000 crimes are reported in the county of which 14 are homicides, 190 are sexual assault cases and over 22,000 instances are theft and robbery related. In the decade that ended in 2008, almost 30,000 criminal reports were filed in the County.

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