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Having an arrest warrant issued against you is a severe matter. An arrest warrant is a legal vehicle used to deprive you of your freedom of liberty. If you are arrested, you will be incarcerated until you can appear before a judge for a hearing. Therefore, if you suspect that an active warrant for your arrest exists, you may want to do a warrant search to make sure. You should also contact an attorney if, and when, you determine that there is an actual arrest warrant in your name.

In Genesee County, NY, numerous courts have concurrent jurisdiction to issue arrest warrants. Any of these courts may issue an arrest warrant in your name, directing law enforcement agencies within the county to execute the warrant. To determine if an arrest warrant has been issued, you should contact each court individually and request to search the public records. The Genesee County Courts Guide & Info sheet provides the contact information for each of the courts serving Genesee County. Through the Clerk’s Offices for each court, you can view court records and obtain information about active warrants issued through that specific court.

To find out if there is an outstanding warrant in your name, you should contact the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department. The office is located at 165 Park Road in Batavia, NY 14020 (telephone number: 585-345-3000). Requests for copies of arrest records, reports, and criminal background checks must be made in person through the Sheriff’s Records Division. There may be fees for copies and criminal background reports.

Genesee County, NY crime data

From 2001 through 2008, approximately 8,700 crimes were reported in Genesee County, with almost 500 of those crimes being considered violent. By far, theft was the most common crime representing nearly eight percent of the crimes committed during this period. During the period, the rate of crimes nearly doubled within Genesee County.

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