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Before requesting information on arrest warrants in Monroe County, NY, it is imperative to understand how warrants work, how they are procured, and their authority on law enforcement officials. The criminal court in the county can exclusively issue a Monroe County arrest warrant.

To procure an active arrest warrant, the police have to make a formal request to the sitting judge for the warrant’s issuance. At this time, the judge considers the information furnished in the sworn statement to ensure enough evidence to support the eventual filing of a case against the person in question.

In case of insufficient information, the judge has the authority to deny the request of the Sherriff’s and District Attorney’s Departments. However, if the information is appropriate and sufficient, the judge signs the warrant, becoming an active warrant.

When acting warrants are not served, they become outstanding warrants; however, they still give law enforcement officers the authority to arrest the people against whom these warrants were sought.

To find out about Monroe County’s active warrants, you will need to contact the local Sherriff’s office at 130 Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, NY 14614. Alternatively, you could also speak to them over the phone by dialing 585-753-4522.

Another source for arrest warrants search is the County Jail, located alongside the Sherriff’s Office. They can be contacted in person or by phone at 585-428-5243. When seeking details about arrest warrants, make sure you take your photo ID along and have the first name and the last name of the person about whom you need the information. Use the form given above to gain access to an online database of arrest records.

Between 1998 and 2008, the violent crime rate in Monroe County has increased by a whopping 39%, with 2006 showing the highest rate of crime at 3000 incidents as opposed to 1000 reported in 1000; in 2008, crime did go down to 3800.

In the ten years mentioned above, 248,468 incidents of crime were reported in the county, of which over 23,300 were violent. Annually, over 24,800 incidents of crime take place in Monroe County. It was found that in more than half of the cases, the victim was targeted when within a one-mile radius of his/her home.

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