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The procedure for arrest warrants and the statute of limitations governing warrants’ issue is almost the same across the country. To get an arrest warrant from a local criminal court in Oswego County, New York, the Sheriff’s Department has to make a formal request by submitting a signed affidavit. The document should contain all information regarding the case, including the probable cause for suspicion.

Suppose the sitting magistrate finds the information provided adequately for the future filing of a criminal, legal instrument. In that case, the warrant is granted, and the police can take the said person into custody. Once arrested, law enforcement officials are supposed to present the accused in court as soon as possible.

An active arrest warrant is a court order for arrest signed by the judge, and it can be issued at any time of the day or night. So, an arrest can be made under the provisions of the order at any time. An arrest warrant never goes out of effect. It can be used to take a person into custody even a good ten years after its issuance.

However, after a specific time, if an active arrest warrant in Oswego County is not used to take a person into custody because the alleged suspect is absconding or for any other reason, the documents undergo a change in terminology to be known as an outstanding warrant.

To find out if there is an active arrest warrant out against anybody you know, visit the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office with ID proof and the name of the person you are investigating. The law enforcement agency is located at 39 Churchill Road, Oswego, NY 13126-6613. You can also call them for arrest records on 315-349-3307or conduct an online warrant search by filling the form above.

An analysis of the crime data from 1999 to 2008 showed that overall crime incidents in Oswego County were up by almost 26%; however, the genuinely alarming rise has been in the number of violent crimes, which rose from less than 500 1000. The repercussions of this dramatic increase are seen in the county’s daily crime rate, which stands at 4 cases every 24 hours.

The average annual crime figures show that over 1300 criminal incidents are reported each year. In most of these cases, the victim is within a one-mile radius of his home or office when the incident occurs. While the numbers of sexual assault and homicide cases are low at 90 and 5 incidents, theft and robbery instances are widespread, with an estimated 10,000 incidents.

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