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Some companies may claim to have online access to arrest warrants in Montgomery County; however, the truth is that the county does not provide online access to arrest warrants nor criminal cases. The courts in Montgomery County do not have an online resource for searching court cases; therefore, if a company claims to have online access to arrest warrants, they are only charging you a fee for doing the same thing you can do for free. If you know where to look, you can do your warrant search in Montgomery County without paying a third party.

To search for active warrants and criminal cases, contact the Montgomery County Clerk of Court. The office maintains records for all matters before the Supreme Court and the County Court so you can check for arrest warrants from both courts in the same location. The office is located at 58 Broadway in Fonda, NY 12068 (telephone: 518-853-4516). There will be a fee for copies of court records and documents.

To find outstanding warrants, you will need to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Here you can get information about arrest warrants that have not been served. Also, you can get copies of arrest records on warrants that have already been executed. Contact the records division of the Sheriff’s Office at 200 Clark Drive in Fultonville, NY (telephone: 518-673-2554). The Sheriff’s Office can also perform criminal history searches to supplement your warrant search (for a fee).

Staff from both offices are trained not to provide legal advice. If you do find an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you should immediately contact an attorney. Ignoring an active warrant is not a wise choice and may increase your sentence.

Montgomery County, NY crime data

Almost 3,000 thefts occurred in Montgomery County between 1999 and 2008. Of the nearly 4,300 crimes during that time, about fifteen percent were violent, including fifteen rapes and four murders. Over ten years, crime rates in Montgomery County rose by almost fifty percent.

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