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An arrest warrant is a legal mandate to take an alleged criminal into custody. Without a Nassau County, NY arrest warrant in hand, law enforcement officials cannot arrest an individual unless the crime has been committed in front of the police officer.

Arrest warrants can be segregated into two categories- active warrants and outstanding warrants. An arrest warrant is said to be a Nassau County, New York active arrest warrant right after a sitting judge of a local criminal court signs the document authorizing the police to arrest the person against whom the warrant has been issued.

On the other hand, Nassau County outstanding warrants are those active warrants which have not been served as yet. Unlike bench or search warrants, which are only valid for a certain period, arrest warrants in Nassau County remain in effect till the person in question has been arrested.

The most reliable source for information on Nassau County, NY arrest records is the Sherriff’s Department, which can be contacted in person by visiting their office at 100 Carmen Avenue, East Meadow, NY 11554. You can also speak to the law enforcement agency over the phone by calling on 516-572-4100.

Another quick solution is to conduct an arrest warrants search online by filling in the form given above. This will provide you access to an online database of countrywide arrest records.

Although Nassau County, New York arrest warrants are only valid within county limits, in most cases, police officers will run the name of the person arrested through their database of arrest warrant records.

If there are any outstanding warrants found in his/her name, mainly if they are in criminal cases, the individual will be kept in custody and deported to the county which issued the warrant.

The rate of violent crime in Nassau County is the second-lowest among all counties, with 1000 and more. Yet, the overall crime rate has risen by a whopping 75% between 1998 and 2008, and the rate of violent crime has increased by a 59% from well below 1000 to hit a figure of over 2000 in 2008.

A criminal incident is reported in the country every 42 minutes, and most of these crimes occur when the victim is no more than a mile from his/her place of residence or work. Among the total number of crimes reported in Nassau County, New York, theft-related incidents were the highest at over 93,000. Simultaneously, homicides were lowest at 140, and sexual and aggravated assault came in between 578 cases.

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