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To arrest in Erie County, NY, the police need an arrest warrant against the suspect, which can only be procured from the local criminal court. The procedure entails requesting the sitting judge to issue the warrant after filing a sworn statement, which contains details on the crime committed and the evidence against the individual whose name the arrest warrant is being sought.

If the request is accepted, the judge signs the warrant, which essentially makes it an active warrant that gives law enforcement officers the authority to take the person against whom the arrest warrant has been issued into custody. Unlike search and bench warrants, which are only valid for a set duration, Erie County, New York active arrest warrants have indefinite validity and stay in effect till an arrest has been made.

Erie County, NY active warrants become outstanding warrants if they are not served. This usually happens when the suspect is absconding or unaware of the warrant in his/her name. In most criminal cases, law enforcement agencies do not reveal Erie county’s outstanding arrest warrants to prevent the suspects from leaving the county/state.

To find out if a person you know has an arrest warrant against him/her in Erie County, seek details from the Erie County Sherriff’s Departments, located at 10 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14202-3999. Alternatively, they can also be contacted over the phone at 716-858-7680 for arrest records.

Another option for Erie County, NY arrest warrants search is the county jail located on 40 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202. The information desk of the county jail can be reached by phone at 716-858-7022.

Crime rates in Erie County have steadily increased over the decade ending in 2008. The annual violent crime rate in 1998 stood at 3900 while it had risen by almost 20% to over 4500 incidents in 2008. Of the 301,694 crimes reported in the ten years, an estimated 44,000 were violeErie county’s

The annual crime rate peaks at just over 30,100 per annum; of the total number of crimes reported in Erie County, New York, each year, a whopping 199,000 are thefts, over 2,400 involve sexual assault, and just 540 are homicide-related.

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