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Performing a warrant searching in Essex County is not as difficult as it is in other counties in New York. The reason is because the Essex County Sheriff’s Office posts a list of outstanding warrants directly on its webpage.The list of arrest warrants is available to the public which makes doing a warrant search much easier.Unfortunately, the list is limited to the name of the suspect, the date that the arrest warrant was issued and the charge.If you need more information about outstanding warrants, you should contact the Sheriff’s Department directly at 518-873-6321.If you are looking for copies of arrest records, you can request those from the office located at 702 Stowersville Road, Lewis, NY 12950.

Even though the Sheriff’s Office posts a list of arrest warrants, your warrant search will not be complete unless you include a search of the court records for Essex County.To find criminal cases, you will need to contact the Clerk of Court for Essex County.The office is located at 7559 Court Street in Elizabethtown, NY 12932 (telephone: 518-873-3370).The Clerk’s Office has records of active warrants that have been issued by the judges of the Supreme and County Courts in addition to information about ongoing criminal court cases.While the staff is not permitted to offer legal advice about arrest warrants or court cases, the staff can direct you on how to perform a search of the public court records.

Essex County, NY crime data

From 2001 through 2008, there were less than 1,500 crimes reported in Essex County with only 130 of those crimes being considered violent.During this period, overall crimes rates decreased by approximately 25% while the rate of violent crime dropped by over 60%.Around one-half of the crimes committed each year in Essex County occur less than one mile from the victim’s home.

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