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The police cannot arrest Onondaga County, NY, unless they have an active arrest warrant against the alleged perpetrator. The arrest warrant can only be procured from the local criminal court after the judge has deliberated on the evidence provided in the sworn statement by the Sheriff’s Department.

If the sitting judge is satisfied with the information provided and believes that the evidence will be adequate for filing a case against the person in question, an arrest warrant is granted. Once signed by the judge, the warrant is considered an active arrest warrant, which gives police officials the authority to take the individual whose name the warrant has been issued into custody.

However, for some reason, if the Onondaga Country active warrants are not served, it then becomes an outstanding arrest warrant. Despite the change in terminology, it grants law enforcement officials the same authority. So, to put it simply, the police can and will arrest a person even if he/ she has an outstanding warrant against him/her.

To find out if an individual you know has an arrest warrant in his/her name, it would be best to contact the Onondaga County, NY Sheriff’s Department located at 407 South State Street, Syracuse, NY 13202. To seek information on arrest records in the county, you will need to have ID proof along with the last name of the person about whom the data is being sought.

Alternatively, the Sheriff’s office can also be contacted for arrest records by fax at 315-435-2942. A more straightforward option for a warrant search is to fill the form above to access a database of active and outstanding arrest warrants in Onondaga County, New York.


Can you get any information about Ontario County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • For police reports, accident reports, arrest records, and criminal records, get in touch with Ontario County Sheriff’s Administration at (585) 394-4560.
  • For information on recent arrests, dial the phone number of the Ontario County Jail- (585) 396-1800.
  • For information on arrest warrants, call the Civil-Warrants Division at (585) 396-4666.
  • For criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court at (585) 412-5300.
  • For victim’s services and information on orders of protection, contact the Ontario County District Attorney’s Office at 585-396-4010.


Crime Statistics for Ontario County, New York

The Ontario Sheriff’s Office received around 1500 criminal complaints in 2020, which was slightly higher than the 1471 crimes reported in 2019. The figure included almost 1350 criminal misdemeanors and around 170 felonies.

There were 1.115 larceny thefts, 187 burglaries, and 43 car thefts in the category of misdemeanor crimes. There were 81 aggravated assaults, 73 rapes, and 12 robberies among the reported felonies.

The highest number of Onondaga crimes from 1999 to 2008 were theft-related, with an estimated 73,000 cases reported in the decade. The overall crime rate has worsened in the ten years, with an alarming rise of almost 10% in violent crimes.

Each year nearly 12,500 crimes are reported in Onondaga County; in the decade mentioned above, over 125,000 crimes took place in the area where almost 17,000 were violent crimes. On average, a resident of the county is a victim of a crime every 41 minutes. Over half of these incidents occur in close vicinity of the victim’s residence or office.

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