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An arrest warrant issued in Broome County, NY is a state level order to bring a particular individual before the court, so that he/she can be made to answer for the crime that he/she may have committed or may be suspected of committing. At the state as well as at the federal level, arrest warrants can only be issued by magistrates of criminal courts.

The request for the issue of an arrest warrant is usually presented in front of the court by a prosecutor or a law enforcement official. A warrant can only be issued if it is backed by an affidavit showing probable cause that the crime has been committed and probable cause that the individual named in the warrant request has committed the felony.

After careful deliberation over the evidence collected by the police in the matter, the judge signs the order which makes it an active arrest warrant that stays in effect indefinitely and is not removed out of the legal and criminal records of the country unless it is served.

Law enforcement agencies are not obligated to provide notice of warrant issuance; in fact, police often do not reveal information about an arrest warrant being out in the name of a person to prevent the suspect from evading arrest. When an arrest is not made under the authority granted by the warrant for some time, the active warrant is then backlogged as an outstanding warrant.

Information about both active and outstanding warrants can be found with the Sheriff’s Department of Broome County, NY. The law enforcement agency can be contacted by visiting their office in person at 155 Lt. Van Winkle Drivel, Binghamton, NY 13905. Arrest records are also offered over the phone, so you can also call on 607-778-1911for a warrant search. If you are looking for online criminal and arrest records, use the form given above a nationwide warrant search.

The ten years starting in 1999 have been marked by a distinct rise in the rate of crime in Broome County. At the start of the decade, the number of violent crimes reported in the county was below 2000; however, by the end of the ten year period this figure rose sharply to touch almost 3000. There was also a similar increase in the overall crime rate which went up by nearly 40%.

On an average, an estimated 4200 crimes take place in the area each year, so from 1999 to 2008 a whopping 42,000 crimes were reported which included over almost 3000 incidents of violent felonies. A New Yorker is a victim of a crime every 2 hours in Broome and most of these incidents occur when the individual is just out of his home or workplace.

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