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In New York, arrest warrants are issued by judges of lower courts based upon information provided to them from law enforcement officials or a district attorney. If a judge finds that cause exists to issue a warrant, the warrant will be transferred to law enforcement officials for service and execution. Once the suspect is apprehended, he will be held until he appears before a judge for a hearing. If you have an active warrant for your arrest, you should take this very seriously and contact an attorney immediately.

Searching for arrest records and outstanding warrants begins with the office charged with serving the warrants – – the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Warrant searches in Madison County

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is charged with serving and executing arrest warrants within Madison County. The office is located at 138 North Court Street, Building #7, Wampsville, NY 13163 (telephone: 315-366-2311). By checking the Sheriff’s website, you can view a list of active warrants for the county. You may also lookup a list of current inmates being held in the county on the website.

The Madison County Court has the authority to hear criminal cases and appeals from lower courts within the county. Therefore, you need to check for criminal records with the County Court when performing a thorough warrant search. The office is located in the Madison County Courthouse on North Street in Wampsville, NY (telephone: 315-366-2266). To help understand the court system in Madison County, check the Madison County Court Guide, which also has addresses and contact numbers for the county court offices.

In addition to the County Court, Madison County has town and city courts (Justice Courts) that also can issue arrest warrants. If you search for outstanding warrants, you need to contact the town court in the city where the crime allegedly took place or where the suspect resides. Unfortunately, most of these courts do not have online access to arrest records.

Madison County crime statistics

Between 2001 and 2008, crimes increased in Madison County by approximately 36%, with violent crime increasing slightly. Violent crime accounted for about four percent of the total crimes reported during that time. Theft and burglary accounted for most crimes in Madison County during this time – – approximately 94% of the real crime rate.

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