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The Suffolk County, NY criminal court will issue an arrest warrant at the Sheriff’s Department’s behest. However, a strict procedure has to be followed to procure Suffolk County, New York arrest warrants. The police have to present the court with a sworn statement detailing the crime committed by the person against whom the warrant is being requested and the evidence available in the case.

Suppose the judge finds the evidence to be sufficient for the eventual filing of an accusatory instrument. In that case, the police department is granted the authority to arrest the arrest warrant’s issue. Once signed by the sitting judge and issued, the warrant becomes an active warrant and stays in effect indefinitely.

However, if the person in question is not taken into custody, the active warrant becomes an outstanding warrant, yet it confers the police officers’ same rights. In other words, people are also taken into custody when exceptional arrest warrants are issued against them.

Details about Suffolk County arrest records are usually made public; however, law enforcement officers may choose to keep information about a warrant against a specific individual under wraps in criminal cases. This is done to prevent the alleged criminal from fleeing the county.

A criminal court in Suffolk County, NY, will issue an arrest warrant for a person accused in a criminal matter and for individuals who skipped bail. If you are looking for information on Suffolk County, NY arrest records, contact the local Sherriff’s Department at 100 Centre Drive, Riverhead NY 11901-3389.

Requesting information about active and outstanding Suffolk County, New York warrants from the NYPD is also possible. A more straightforward option is to do an arrest warrant search online; use the form above to access an online criminal and arrest records database.

Can you get any information about Suffolk County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2023)          

  • For information on Suffolk’s recent arrests, use the phone number of the Main Office of Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department- (631) 852-2200.
  • For bond-related details, inmate records, arrest records, and incident and accident reports, contact Central Records Unit at (631) 852-6015.
  • Call Suffolk PD’s non-emergency dispatch line (631) 852- (2677) to report a crime.
  • Call the Fugitive Unit at (631) 852-6040 to request information on active warrants.
  • For the victim’s assistance and information, call the District Attorney’s Office at (631) 853-4138 (Central Islip) and (631) 852-2595 (Riverhead).
  • Call the Chief Clerk of Court’s Criminal Office at 631-852-1462 to learn more about requesting criminal court records.
  • For information on Suffolk court record cases.

Crime Statistics for Suffolk County, New York

The Suffolk Sheriff’s Office got 18,115 criminal complaints in 2020, only about 49 complaints less than the annual average in 2019. The yearly total comprised almost 16,800 property-related offenses and over 1300 violent offenses.

More than 14,400 larceny thefts, over 1,120 burglaries, and almost 1,270 motor vehicle thefts were included in the property offenses category. Around 800 aggravated assaults, more than 170 rapes, and 315 robberies were included in the violent crimes category.

In the decade that started in 1998, over 163,000 crimes took place in Suffolk County. The rates of reported and violent crimes have increased significantly in the ten years, with the annual crime rate in 1998 being less than 1000 and swelling to almost 2000 in 2008. In these ten years, the crime rate was the highest in 2006.

Although Suffolk County has one of the lowest crime rates in New York, over 16,000 crimes occur every year, and a person is a victim of a crime every 32 minutes. Of the total number of reported crimes, more than 26,000 were theft and robbery-related cases, while there were 571 incidents of sexual assault and only 174 of homicide.

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