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Members of the Sheriff’s Department of Orange County, NY cannot make an arrest unless they have a warrant in hand that gives them the authority to take a person into custody and present him/her before the court. Arrest warrants can exclusively issued by the local criminal court only after the police files a written petition, detailing the crime and the evidence available in the matter.

If the information provided is found to be sufficient, the sitting judge authorizes the warrant by signing it at which point it becomes an active warrant. Although an arrest warrant remains valid till such time as it is served, for some reason, if an arrest is not made under its provision, the active warrant is then termed as an outstanding arrest warrant.

It is imperative to understand that regardless of how much time has passed since the warrant has been issued, an arrest can still be made through its use. Active and outstanding warrants in Orange County confer specific rights on law enforcement officials. While the warrant can be used to take a person in custody, it does not give police official the right to search the property of the individual unless he/she returns to the premises after being informed of the warrant against him/her.

All information regarding arrest records and active warrants can be sought through the Orange County, NY Sheriff’s Department located at 110 Wells Farm Road, Goshen, NY 10924. You can get the required details by visiting the Police Headquarters in person or you could contact the law enforcement agency through their telephone number at 845-291-2728 or fax number at 845-294-1590.

A third alternative is to conduct a warrant search online by filling the simple form given above which will give you access to an online database of countrywide arrest records.

Of the total number of over 57,700 crimes reported in the county from 1999 to 2008, almost 8000 were violent. An estimated 6000 crimes take place in the area each year and the majority of these instances occur when the victim is not more than stone’s throw away from his/her home or place of work.

In the decade mentioned above, the overall crime rate peaked with an increase of nearly 37% while violent crime went up from about 4000 to over 5000. In keeping with this deterioration of crime statistics, an average of 16 criminal incidents take place in the county every day and if the figures are not controlled, the crime numbers could spiral up to 7000 in the next few years.

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