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Queens County, NY arrest warrants are issued by the local criminal court after deliberation over the sworn affidavit submitted by the police department. A sitting judge has to sign the warrant for it to become an active arrest warrant.

The presiding judge can decline the request of the Sheriff’s department if the evidence presented in the matter is found to be unsatisfactory or insufficient for subsequent filing of an accusatory instrument. Active arrest warrants issued in Queens County, New York can be served at any time after issuance.

However, in case an arrest is not made, the active warrant becomes an outstanding warrant. The difference in the terms aside, a police officer can also arrest an alleged perpetrator after serving the outstanding warrant.

In most cases, information about Queens County active arrest warrants has to be made public, yet in criminal cases, the law enforcement officials may hide information on the arrest warrant to prevent the person against whom the warrant has been issued from leaving the state.

To find out if an individual has an active or outstanding arrest warrant in Bronx County under his name, contact the Queens County Sheriff’s Department located at 144-06 94th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11435. The law enforcement office can also be reached through phone at 718-298-7550.

An alternate source for Queens County arrest warrants search is the Queens, County, NY Courthouse situated at 125-01 Queens Blvd, Kew Gardens, NY 11415. It is also possible to reach the information desk of the Courthouse through their phone number 212-374-5880. For online Bronx County, NY arrest records fill in the form given above.

The rate of property and violent crimes in Queens County, NY has steadily declined over the decade starting in 1998 with the number of violent crimes going down from 20,000 per year to less than 15000. While there has been a significant reduction in the number of reported and violent crimes in Queens, a crime still takes place every 7 minutes in the county.

Of the 658,600 crimes reported over the ten years starting in 1998, more than 2400 were homicides, over 3800 were sexual assault and battery cases and a whopping 413,000 were robbery and theft related. Most instances of crime took place within a one mile radius of the victim’s home or office.

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