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Finding out if you or someone you know has an outstanding arrest warrant takes a little time and some legwork, but it can be done. In Lewis County, performing a warrant search means taking a trip to the county courthouse and possibly the county sheriff’s office. However, just knowing where to look for an arrest warrant in Lewis County is more than half the battle.

Because judges for the County and Supreme Courts in Lewis County issue most of the arrest warrants, your first stop should be the County Clerk’s Office. This office maintains all of the court records for both courts, including criminal cases. With court personnel’s assistance, you can search court cases for arrest warrants and other criminal charges. It does not cost anything to explore the public records, but there is a charge for copies of court documents. The office is located at 7660 State Street in Lowville, NY 13367 (315-376-5366). When you go to the Clerk’s Office, tell them specifically that you want to search for active warrants so the staff can direct you where to search.

The Sheriff’s Office is the best place to search for outstanding warrants because it charges with serving arrest warrants. To continue your warrant search, visit the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office located on Outer Stowe Street in Lowville, NY 13367 (telephone: 315-376-3511). The Sheriff’s Office can also help you search for arrest records on arrest warrants that have already been served. It can also perform criminal background checks; however, this service may require a fee.

Lewis County, NY crime data

Approximately 200 crimes were committed each year from 2001 through 2008 in Lewis County. Of the almost 1,600 crimes reported during this time, only a little over 100 of the crimes were considered violent. Crime rates rose in Lewis County by a little over seventy percent during this time. The level of violent crime reported increased by over eighty percent for the same period.

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