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What would you do if you found out that there was an outstanding warrant for your arrest? Would you hire an attorney or ignore it? Ignoring an arrest warrant in Allegany County is a bad idea because active warrants do not expire. If you believe that you may have an arrest warrant in your name for Allegany County, there are several places you can perform a warrant search.

In Allegany County, two courts are empowered to issue arrest warrants. Either of these courts may have given the arrest warrant you are searching for; therefore, you must explore the court records of each office. Since both courts are located in the same building, it is convenient to do a warrant search in both courts during one trip. The Supreme Court and the County Court are located at 7 Court Street in Belmont, NY 14813. The staff is not permitted to give you legal advice; however, they may show you how to search for criminal cases. If you want copies of court records, be prepared to pay a fee for copies.

The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office maintains arrest records and can provide information about outstanding warrants. To obtain copies of arrest records, you must visit the Sheriff’s Office during regular business hours. The office is located at 4884 State Route 19 in Belmont, NY 14813. You will probably also need to visit the office to get information about any outstanding warrants, as most offices do not give out information about arrest warrants by telephone. If you want to request a criminal background report, you should contact the records division above the telephone number.


How do you get Allegany County arrest records and details on active warrants over the phone? (2021- Update)  

  • Get in touch with the Allegany County Jail at (585) 268-9803 for information on recent arrests.
  • Use the law enforcement office’s non-emergency phone number- (585) 268-9204, for general crime related inquiries
  • Connect with the Sheriff’s Department at 585-268-9222 for information about accessing arrest records, details on warrants, other public records and their fingerprinting services.
  • Call the agency at 585-268-9200 for information pertaining to bail and fine payments.
  • Contact the Clerk of County Courts at 585-449-3416 for information on arrests, warrants, criminal case disposition, court docket, and more.


Allegany County, NY crime data

In 2020, Allegany County had an annual crime rate of 991 incidents/100,000 population. This figure was the sum of the violent crime rate of 133 offenses/100,000 population and the property crime rate of 861/100,000.

When you consider Allegany County’s population of 50,000 residents, these crime rates translate to an annual incident average of around 500 cases. These included approximately 65-67 complaints against violent crimes and around 430 cases against property crimes.

From 2001 through 2008, only a little over ten percent of the almost 2,400 crimes reported in Allegany County was considered violent. The majority of crimes committed during this period were related to either theft or burglary. Only one murder was reported during the eight years.

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