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An outstanding warrant for your arrest is a serious matter. In New York, lower courts issue arrest warrants based upon law enforcement officers’ complaints or other sources. The judges must find that probable cause exists before issuing an arrest warrant. Probable cause means that a reasonable person would believe that the suspect committed the crime alleged based on the facts presented. Once the warrant is issued, it is directed to law enforcement agencies for service.

Chemung County warrant searches

Because several courts may issue arrest warrants within each county, the easiest way to search for outstanding warrants is to check with the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is located at 203 William Street in Elmira, NY 14902 (telephone: 607-737-2987). However, you can view active warrants online without the need to contact the office directly. The Sheriff’s Office also performs background checks, but you must have the consent of the person being searched when requesting the report.

Since more than one court in Chemung County may issue arrest warrants, searching through arrest records in each court may be difficult. However, if you suspect which court may have issued the warrant, you may contact the court’s clerk directly to request information. The Chemung County Courts Guide contains telephone numbers, addresses, and other information to assist you in your warrant search.

If you find an outstanding arrest warrant in your name, you should contact an attorney before doing anything else. Finding out your rights is the first step in defending yourself against an arrest warrant.

Crime statistics for Chemung County

Between 2001 and 2008, approximately 78% of the crimes committed in Chemung County were theft-related, with roughly 7% of the violent crimes. The crime rate in Chemung County was meager during the first four years, below 600 each year; however, beginning in 2005, crimes escalated rapidly to almost 2,400 per year. Compared to ten other similar counties, Chemung County ranked second highest for crimes per 1,000 people during that period.

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