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Rockland County, New York Arrest Warrants Search


The local criminal court is the only entity that can issue an arrest warrant in Rockland County, NY. Because an arrest warrant is a legal mandate for taking an individual into custody, the police cannot arrest unless the court issues the written order, commanding and authorizing them to produce an individual before the court for an arraignment.

To get an arrest warrant, the prosecutor acting on behalf of the state has to file a written complaint detailing the crime committed, evidence collected that points to the individual’s involvement against whom the arrest warrant is needed, the name, age, and gender of the alleged perpetrator.

Once presented to the court, the information is duly considered to ensure its adequacy for a criminal instrument’s future filing. A warrant signed by the sitting judge is then issued, which grants peace officers the authority to arrest. After issuance, active arrest warrants from Rockland County, NY, stay in effect indefinitely.

However, if the person named in the warrant is not arrested, the active warrants then turn into an outstanding warrant. Both functional and exceptional warrants do not expire, and an arrest can be made even with an outstanding warrant over a decade old.

Why should I access the criminal court records of myself or someone I know?

You might think that if there were a warrant out for your arrest, you would be aware of it. However, this isn’t always the case. If there has been a police report filed against you, it can turn into a warrant for your arrest. Now let’s say you recently moved and the courts don’t know your new address. Finding out if there is a warrant for your arrest can save you many headaches in the future. Knowing about any outstanding warrant can ensure that you know if your case is in the court docket and allow you to speak and defend yourself at the court case.

There are also some instances where you will want to know if there are criminal court records against some people in your life. While this might seem farfetched right now, here are some cases where it would be of benefit:

  • You are hiring someone to work in your business;
  • You are looking for childcare for your children;
  • You, or someone close to you, are entering a new relationship; or
  • You suspect someone who is in your life might be dodging the law.

To find out if a person you know has an arrest warrant out against him/her, get in touch with the local Sheriff’s Department located at 55 New Hempstead Road, New City, NY 10956. You can also speak to a clerk from the records department by calling on 845-638-5400.

While the Sheriff’s office does not have the provision for an online warrant search, you can use the form above to access a private database of arrest records across the country. If you intend to visit the Sheriff’s office, do not forget to take id proof along when requesting information on an arrest warrant.

How does the police blotter effect arrest warrants?

Arrest warrants can be issued for anything that might show up on a police blotter as being unresolved. This means that even something as mundane as an unresolved speeding ticket can turn into an arrest warrant. I know that even I am guilty of forgetting to pay a parking ticket or a speeding ticket from time to time. Once access in your name isn’t likely to become a warrant for your arrest. However, if you have accumulated any police log in your name, you are far more likely to find yourself with a warrant out for your arrest. I would suggest that anyone who thinks there is even a small chance for there to be a warrant for their arrest in Rockland County to set aside a few minutes of their day and find out for sure.  While it might seem like a waste of time right now, it has the potential of saving a lot of headaches in the long run.


Can you get any information about Rockland County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)          

  • To know about recent arrests, outstanding warrants, and the procedure for accessing criminal records through the Sheriff’s Office, call (845) 638-5400.
  • To access inmate records, initiate an inmate search, and learn more about inmate services and visitation, get in touch with Corrections at (845) 638-5600.
  • To inquire about accessing judicial records and court dockets, call (845) 483-8300.
  • To know more about victim’s assistance, call (845) 638-5001.


Crime Statistics for Rockland County, New York

The Rockland Sheriff’s Department recorded 2735 criminal complaints in 2020, down from the almost 2900 offenses reported in 2019. The annual total comprised of almost 2400 property offenses and about 350 offenses against people.

Around 2100 larceny thefts, over 200 burglaries, and almost 100 motor vehicle thefts were recorded. Over 220 aggravated assaults, 50 rapes, and 54 robberies were among the violent crimes reported.

Rockland County saw an improvement in violence and overall crime, reducing from over 6000 to almost 5000. Yet, an estimated 4000 incidents of crime were reported in the county each year; the majority of them took place within a mile-long radius of the victim’s home/office. These incidents occurred at a frequency of 12 times a day.

In the ten years between 1999 and 2008, almost 41,000 reports of criminal activities were lodged in Rockland County. Like in all other areas of the state, theft and robbery related cases formed a significant part of this figure at nearly 32,000 incidents, while the number of violent felonies like murder and sexual battery, and assault stood at just about 20 180 respectively.


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