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A Westchester County, New York arrest warrant is issued after the police department makes a formal request to the criminal court to grant them the authority to take an alleged criminal in custody. A sworn statement must be presented to the court, containing details of the crime and the evidence.

The judge closely considers the document ascertaining that the evidence is enough for charges to be filed against the individual in time. If the evidence mentioned will not be sufficient for filing an accusatory instrument, the warrant is not issued.

However, if the evidence offered is adequate, the judge signs the document, and the police department has an active arrest warrant in their hands. Under the provisions of Westchester County, NY, active warrants, a law enforcement officer can arrest a person; however, he cannot search his home unless the individual enters his/her residence after being told about the warrant or after it has been served.

A warrant that is not served because the person in question could not be nabbed is called an outstanding warrant. Outstanding warrants also offer police officers the authority to arrest the person whose name the warrant has been issued.

For Westchester County, New York arrest records, visit the Sherriff’s Department located at 1 Saw Mill River Pkwy, Hawthorne, NY 10532.

The internet can also be used for arrest warrant search; by filling the form given above, you will get access to a database of arrest records that can be used to find an arrest warrant in the name of a specific person.


Can you get any information about Westchester County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)           

  • For information on recent arrests, dial the phone number of Central Booking – (914) 231-1020.
  • For general jail-related information and an inmate search, call Corrections at (914) 231-1054.
  • For criminal case records, get in touch with the Chief Clerk at (914) 824-5400.
  • For information on arrest warrants, call the Westchester Police Headquarters at (914) 864-7700. 
  • For victims’ assistance, call the Office of the District Attorney at (914) 995-3300.


Crime Statistics for Westchester County, New York

In comparison to the 9,633 crime reports of 2019, the Westchester law enforcement offices received over 10,300 criminal complaints in 2020. These included more than 8700 crimes against property and almost 1600 offenses against people.

The annual total was the sum of 7,163 larceny thefts, 817 burglaries, and 741 car thefts which were filed as property crimes, and 1,054 aggravated assaults, 112 rapes, 395 robberies and 24 murders that were filed as violent offenses.

The crime rate has gone up significantly in Westchester County, NY, in the ten years of 1998 to 2008. The county’s total number of violent crimes stood at 2000 in 1998, but the figure swelled up to almost 3000 by 2008.

An estimated 148,500 total crimes were committed in Westchester County over this decade; of these, the number of violent crimes reported annually was 14,800. Every 37 minutes, a person is faced with a criminal in the county, and most of the crimes occur when the victim is a mere one mile from his/her home.

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