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If you are uncertain whether or not an arrest warrant has been issued in your name, you should do a warrant search.Arrest warrants for Wyoming County are issued after a judge hears testimony or receives a complaint establishing probable cause for the issuance of an arrest warrant.Once the judge signs the warrant, it becomes and active warrant that may be served by any law enforcement officers in Wyoming County.

If you want to find out if an arrest warrant has been issued, your first step is to search the court records of Wyoming County.Because the majority of arrest warrants begin with a criminal action in the Supreme Court or the County Court, you should contact the County Clerk’s Office to search public court records.The office is located at 143 North Main Street, Suite 104 in Warsaw, NY 14569 (telephone: 585-786-8810).This office can assist you with obtaining copies of court records in addition to searching for arrest warrants issued by either court.

To find outstanding warrants that have yet to be served, your best resource is the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office.The Sheriff’s Office is charged with serving and executing the arrest warrants issued by Wyoming County courts.You can contact the Records Division for the Sheriff’s Office at 151 North Main Street in Warsaw, NY 14569 (telephone: 585-786-8989).Ask for someone in the Records Division who can help you obtain copies of arrest records (for arrest warrants that have already been executed) or who can provide you with information on outstanding warrants.

Wyoming County, NY crime data

Between 1999 and 2008, the crime rate in Wyoming County rose by over ten percent.The rate of violent crimes increased by more than double that rate.Of the almost 3,700 crimes committed during this period, less than 300 were violent (including only two murders).

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