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The judiciary is the only entity that holds the right to issue an arrest warrant in Oneida County, NY. It is imperative to understand that unless a crime has taken place in front of a law enforcement official, an individual can only be taken into custody if an arrest warrant has been issued in his/her name.

Unlike a summons, which can be issued by any faction of the judiciary, including the family court, an arrest warrant can only be issued by the county’s criminal court. To get the arrest record, a lawyer from the DA’s office has to file an affidavit in court that mentions the crime committed, evidence gathered in the matter, the suspect’s name in question, his/her age, and gender.

The judge has the right to ask for eyewitness testimony if the petition details are inadequate. Once satisfied with the information presented before the court, the judge signs the warrant, becoming an active arrest warrant.

Unlike other documents that command law enforcement agencies to present an individual in court, such as a bench warrant, an arrest warrant does not have an expiry. However, if not served, an active warrant will become an outstanding one and remain valid until the individual in question is arrested.

Police officials have the authority to use force to take the alleged perpetrator into custody; the warrant is also considered to be served if the person against whom the order is issued turns him/herself in. To get information on active and outstanding warrants in Oneida County, New York, visit the Sheriff’s Department at Judd Road, Oriskany, NY 13424.

Two other options are available for people seeking arrest record related information; you can either access the warrants list provided by the law enforcement agency at or you can fill out the form given above to conduct a warrant search.

Can you get any information about Oneida County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2023)

  • For information on arrests, call the general information phone number of the Oneida County corrections- (315) 768-7804 or (315) 337-2722.
  • For inmate records and bail, call (315) 765-2251.
  • For information pertaining to inmate visitation, call (315) 765-2280.
  • Contact the Records Division at (315) 765-2233 for arrest records and incident and accident reports.
  • Contact the Warrants Division at (315) 765-2232 for a warrant search.
  • For any questions pertaining to criminal investigation (for victims only), call (315)765-2226.
  • Call the Civil/Warrants Division at (315) 798-5862 for information on civil processes such as bench warrants.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office at (315) 798-5766.
  • For case search information, call (315) 266-4200.
  • For general inquiries and to file a non-emergency criminal complaint, call the Oneida Sheriff’s Office at (315) 765-2222.

Crime Statistics for Oneida County, New York

The Oneida Sheriff’s Office received 4,450 criminal complaints in 2020, compared to 4,550 criminal instances of 2019. There were 3900 property offenses and over 550 violent crimes among them.

The property offenses category included 3200 larceny thefts, over 480 burglaries, and more than 200 motor vehicle thefts. Around 340 aggravated assaults, almost 110 rapes, and more than 90 robberies were included in the violent crimes category.

The crime scene in Oneida, NY, has drastically deteriorated with an estimated increase of almost 37% in anti-social activities. The figures for violent crime have also climbed in the decade mentioned above from 2000 to over 4000. If the trend continues, the crime rate will scale past 12,000 by 2012.

Almost 48,500 crimes were reported in Oneida County from 1999 to 2008; of these, an estimated 34,000 were theft cases, while sexual assault and murder were lower on the list with nearly 350 and 70 reported incidents. Every year almost 4800 criminal incidents are reported in the county. Surprisingly, most of these incidents occur when people are less than a mile from their homes; on average, 14 incidents occur every 24 hours.

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