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An arrest can only be made in Kings County, NY, after the alleged offender has been served with an arrest warrant. To procure an arrest warrant, the sitting judge must be presented with an affidavit stating the person’s misdemeanors against whom the warrant is being sought. Once the judge signs the warrant, it gives police officers the authority to take the person in custody.

An active arrest warrant becomes an outstanding arrest warrant if it is not served. There can be several reasons for this; the person in whose name the Kings County active arrest warrant has been issued may be unaware of it, or he/she may be resisting arrest. A police officer has the authority to arrest a person based on an outstanding arrest warrant.

An arrest warrant is issued for crimes not committed in front of a law enforcement official and against people who fail to appear at bail hearings. To find out if there is an active arrest warrant in Kings County, NY against a person, the Sheriff’s Departments of Kings County, New York can be contacted in person for information on active and outstanding arrest warrants.

The individual seeking information on arrest records should carry his/her Id along when visiting the Kings County Sheriff’s Department’s office at 208 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

The Sheriff’s Department can also be contacted through fax at 718-802-3715. Alternatively, you could fill the form given above to search through an online criminal records database for an arrest warrant search.


How do you get information on Kings County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

Because Kings County has the same boundaries as the Borough of Brooklyn, law enforcement and criminal justice resources are the same as those for the other boroughs of NY City. Take a look at the list of agencies/divisions that you can call:

  • To inquire about recent arrests: Call Brooklyn/Kings County Criminal Court Arraignments at (718) 875-6586.
  • For an inmate search and to know more about release on bail, call Bookings (Kings County/Brooklyn Division) at (718) 243-2545.
  • For access to information about criminal cases (active and concluded), contact the Chief Clerk’s Office at (347) 296-1100.
  • To request an arrest report, incident/accident records, and other crime-related information, get in touch with the Record Review Unit at 518-457-9847/518-485-7675. They only entertain inquiries from involved parties/victims/attorneys of the involved parties.
  • To file a FOIL request for arrest records, connect with the Records Access Division of NYPD at (646) 610-5296.
  • To give a crime tip, call 800-577-TIPS.
  • To seek victim’s assistance, contact the District Attorney’s Office at 718-250-3820.
  • For details pertaining to arrests that were effected in Brooklyn (Kings County), the arrest warrants issued by the local courts of Brooklyn and the investigation of crimes that have occurred in the area, contact the appropriate NYPD precinct at:
  • 60th: (718) 946-3311 (General Information), (718) 946-3352/53 (Detective Squad), 718-946-3322/3309 (Victim’s Advocate).
  • 61st: (718) 627-6611 (General Information), (718) 627-6620 (Detective Squad), 718-339-2612 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 62nd: (718) 236-2611 (General Information), (718) 236-2695 (Detective Squad), 718-236-2255 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 63rd: (718) 258-4411 (General Information), (718) 258-4401 (Detective Squad), 718-258-0584 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 66th: (718) 851-5611 (General Information), (718) 851-5603 (Detective Squad), 718-851-2130 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 67th: (718) 287-3211 (General Information), (718) 287-3225 (Detective Squad), 718-287-3220 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 68th: (718) 439- 4211 (General Information), (718) 439-4230 /236/237 (Detective Squad), 718-439-4020/4021 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 69th: (718) 257-6211 (General Information), (718) 257-6215 (Detective Squad), 718-257-6274/6275 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 70th: (718) 851-5511 (General Information), – (718) 851-5560 (Detective Squad), 718-851-5569 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 71st: (718) 735-0511 (General Information), (718) 735-0500 (Detective Squad), 718-735-5776 (Victim’s Advocate).
  • 72nd: (718) 965-6311 (General Information), (718) 965-6336 (Detective Squad), 718-965-6310 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 73rd: (718) 495-5411 (General Information), (718) 495-5429 (Detective Squad), 718-495-2220 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 75th (718) 827-3511 / 3512 (General Information), (718) 827-3548/3549 (Detective Squad), 718-827-3502 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 76th: (718) 834-3211 (General Information), (718) 834-3221 (Detective Squad), 718-834-3376 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 77th: (718) 735-0611 (General Information), (718) 735-0663 (Detective Squad), 718-735-0678 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 78th: (718) 636-6411 (General Information), (718) 636-6485 (Detective Squad), 718-623-4184 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 79th: (718) 636-6611 (General Information), (718) 636-6655 (Detective Squad), 718-636-6790 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 81st: (718) 574-0411 (General Information), (718) 574-0455 (Detective Squad), 718-574-6336 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 83rd: (718) 574-1605 (General Information), (718) 574-1796 (Detective Squad), 718-574-0450 (Victim’s Advocate).
  • 84th: (718) 875-6811 (General Information), (718) 875-6687 (Detective Squad), 718-875-6804 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 88th: (718) 636-6511 (General Information), (718) 636-6547 (Detective Squad), 718-636-3059/3084 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 90th: (718) 963-5311 (General Information), (718) 963-5368 (Detective Squad), 718-782-1413 (Victim’s Advocate)
  • 94th: (718) 383-3879 (General Information), (718) 383-8545 (Detective Squad), 718-383-3057 (Victim’s Advocate)


Crime Statistics for Kings County, New York

In the 4 years, from 2016 to 2019, the crime rate of Kings County fluctuated between the 47,000 and 50,000 levels.  But in 2020, the annual crime average nearly busted through the 51,000 level. Of the cases filed, almost 14,600 were against violent crimes while an estimated 36,400 were against property crimes.

 As is the trend in the other areas of the country, larceny thefts accounted for the highest number of property crime-related complaints, at more than 29,300 cases. Instances of aggravated assault had the highest frequency in the violent crimes category at almost 9900 cases.

The rate of violent and property crimes has gone down from about 20,000 to less than 15000 between 1998 to 2008. Yet, a crime takes place every 7 minutes in Kings County, NY and more than half of the victims are within one mile of their home or office when the incident occurs.

In the decade ending in 2008, over 730,000 crimes were reported in the county. Of these, an estimated 186,000 were violent, around 2500 were homicides, and 4200 were cases of sexual assault. Incidents of theft constituted a significant part of the total crime figure at 459,000, including 72,500 carjacking cases.

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