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Queens County inmate searches are available through two state agencies; one is the sheriff’s department of the area and the other is the NY Department of Corrections. Before you go in for an inmate lookup, you should know that the results your investigations yield will be totally different based on the state entity your approach because these agencies control different parts of the correctional system.

The police are in charge of maintaining the law and order situation, and in the course of fulfilling their duties, they are required to detain offenders and suspects. These arrestees need to be housed somewhere after they are taken into custody. Also, defendants who are currently being tried have to attend court when required and hence cannot be sent to the state penitentiaries.

These offenders are kept in the county jails along with convicts who are serving year long sentences. Anybody with a longer prison term is sent into the state correctional system. So, if you go in for a jail inmate search in Queens County, you will be given information on such detainees. However, if your subject has spent time in a state penitentiary or is currently lodged in a facility run by the NY DOC, you won’t find out about him.

To find out about prisoners who are serving out their punitive terms in a maximum or minimum security prison or even those who have been let out on parole or probation, you will need to go to the Department of Corrections of NY. The prison inmate search for Queens County can be launched in two ways.

You could use the simpler way out and just log on to the site of the DOC at http://nysdoccslookup.doccs.ny.gov/ or you can connect with the agency in person by going down to the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Building 2, 1220 Washington Ave, Albany, New York 12226-2050. Queens County inmate finder service is also being offered through phone. For this, you can call the DOC on 518-457-8126

Unfortunately, the police have no online inmate locator tools. This means that the only way you could get a jail inmate search done in Queens County is if you were to pay a visit to the sheriff’s office. The agency works out of 144-06 94th Avenue Jamaica, New York 11435. You can also call them on 718-298-7550 or fax on 718-298-7470.

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